Types of Classes

What We Do


Our Reformer Pilates Classes

Taking reformer pilates on the gold coast to the next level.

Our reformer classes are a great way to safely work your muscles with added resistance, the fundamental exercises on the mat will help to get your body prepared and vice versa, some of the reformer exercises will help your movement on the mat as the added resistance can assist the body move the way we want it to.

Whatever class you join you will get qualified STOTT Pilates instructors to help you achieve the best results from your reformer class.

Equipment used: Reformers, Stability Chairs, Cadillac, Barrels and much much more!

The Cadillac is another great piece of equipment and is quite unique with the repertoire of exercises, from rehabilitation to advanced athlete one can take their strength to the next level.

Join our elevate classes if you have no injuries or are familiar with the reformer, if you are a novice or have some injuries we suggest starting with the reformer maintenance or the intro package.

Our Barre Classes

Find us on the gold coast.

Here at Bodiboss pilates our Barre’s classes are a mix of rigorous workout blends from elements of pilates, ballet, yoga and aerobic exercises.

We welcome first-timers to our barre classes and our instructors will help guide you into the correct position so you get used to moving your body in new and fun ways.

Barre class is named for the primary piece of equipment: the bar. If you’ve ever been in a ballet studio, this piece of equipment will be familiar. You’ll also use other equipment, like a mat, which you’re familiar with if you’ve ever tried yoga and mat Pilates, as well as many other small pilates props to keep the body challenged in every barre workout. You can pick how heavy you want your weights to be, and your instructor will walk you through the proper use of each piece of equipment.

We will explain how you can integrate the equipment into the barre class to get the best workout for you.

Getting the best workout possible means you’re going to be working a lot of different muscle groups. You can expect barre class to address multiple areas of your body, including your: Arms, legs, core and glutes. It is a full body workout that will help tone your whole body while also getting your heart rate up for most of the class with some great music to help keep you motivated throughout the session. On occasion you will most probably break a sweat so we recommend bringing a sweat towel and a water bottle.

This class is a high intensity interval training, it is packed with fast paced exercises that will elevate your heart rate and burn up to 500 calories per session.

NB: If you have any pre existing injuries or heart conditions we would suggest starting with a private pilates class so we can assess and advise the next step of your pilates. programme.