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About Bodiboss pilates

We are a STOTT PILATES® studio located ideally in Carrara, Gold Coast. Our pilates studio is fully equipped with five reformers, one Cadillac, two stability chairs, one ladder barrel, ballet barres and every other prop imaginable!

Stott Pilates is the contemporary approach to the original exercise method pioneered by Joseph Pilates. STOTT PILATES along with a team of sport scientists, physiotherapists and fitness professionals have refined this method of exercise by including modern principles of exercise science and rehabilitation.

Whatever your fitness level or goals may be we have something for you!

Bodiboss pilates aims to deliver the gold standard of pilates teaching to each and every individual whether it be in a group pilates setting or private classes.

We ensure that we cap our class numbers so we are able to focus on each individual our class capacity is more intimate therefor allowing us to be more hands on and help correct everyone during class.

Courtney Degnan

Owner, Head Pilates Instructor & Nutritionist

I am Passionate about helping people achieve great results with an holistic approach to wellness and exercise. Over the last 12 years I have done extensive practice and research on the human body, how it functions and what it needs to function optimally.

Originally from Johannesburg, South Africa. I moved down to the South coast of KwaZulu natal where I met my mentor Rouxchelle Denton-Cooke in 2010 who then inspired me to become a STOTT Pilates Instructor. I decided to open my own studio chain in Durban known as powerpilates which turned out to be a great success.
In 2020 my husband and I immigrated to Australia. From there Rouxchelle and I reunited and partnered up to create RC pilates known as Roux wellness.
Later in 2022 I opened Bodiboss.

Over the years I have successfully completed the STOTT PILATES® repertoire:

  • Matwork course essential-intermediate and advanced
  • Reformer-essential, intermediate and advanced
  • Cadillac-essential, intermediate and advanced
  • Intensive Chair and barrels course, essential and intermediate
  • Injury and special populations course
  • Total barre, as well as other various STOTT and Basi workshops

I am passionate about rehabilitation, pre & post-natal and athletic conditioning.
I also have an interest in weight training and nutrition and in 2021 became a qualified nutritionist.


Joseph Pilates was born in Germany in the early 1900s. He was working in England as a circus performer and boxer when he was placed in a forced internment camp in WWI. He began to work with rehabilitating detainees who were suffering from disease and injury. He utilized bed springs and beer keg rings for resistance which have evolved into the reformer and fitness circles. Later he moved to New York City where dancers and elite athletes relied on Pilates for more strength and its rehabilitative effects.