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What We Specialise In


Pre & Post Natal

A warm and loving space to explore your changing body and prepare your body for child birth and post pregnancy.

We use modifications suited for every stage of pregnancy and incorporate props to support your changing body, you will get the full benefits of Pilates exercise while keeping you and your baby safe.

Remain safely active in our specially created small groups adapting to your energy levels and shifting centre of gravity.

We help you prepare for the demands of labour by focussing on pelvic floor muscles contracting and releasing through different ranges and building strength where you will need it most during pregnancy and post birth.

This is such an exciting time in your life and let’s face it you want to be the strongest and healthiest version of yourself, not just during pregnancy but after birth, so you have the strength both mentally and physically to be there for you and your baby. Working and strengthening the correct muscles for childbirth and let’s not forget a strong upper body to be able to bend over and pick your baby up multiple times during the day. The practice of breathing will also help prepare you for labour, reduce stress levels and ease the discomfort of contractions.

For best results we would suggest joining a combination of different classes to “keep your body guessing”


This is often a step that is either completely missed or not done correctly and this neglect can cause serious problems in the future.

Whether it be pre or post surgery or you need rehabilitation for a specific injury (new or old) it is so important to make sure we mobilise the joint and work the surrounding muscles in a specific sequence and in the right time with the correct resistance and force.

This is different for everyone ie person A with a hip replacement might not be doing the same programme than person B, this is all dependant on the person.