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Alma Accent Prime

Our advanced body sculpting system by Alma is a non-invasive, state-of-the-art solution for body contouring, scar reduction, skin tightening. and skin resurfacing. It combines ultrasound technology for fat and cellulite reduction and radio-frequency technology for skin tightening and collagen remodelling via deep tissue heating. This technology has a thermal effect, which creates an immediate and long term change in the helical structure of collagen.

Using the power of ultrasound and radiofrequency, we can tailor the treatment specifically to your body.

These areas include:






Chest & Neck

About Alma Accent Prime

Alma Accent Prime is a unipolar radiofrequency device that requires no grounding pads. Ultrasound technology uses a combination of High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) and transverse waves, making it a highly effective and comfortable treatment. The Alma Accent Prime Ultrasound deeply penetrates targeting the subcutaneous fat for fat cavitation and circumferential reduction which many other machines don’t achieve.

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Benefits of Pilates

Pilates is a form of mind and body exercise that focuses on strengthening the deep stabilizing muscles of the body. Joseph Pilates referred to the core stabilizing muscles as the “Powerhouse”, these muscle groups provide support and proper posture to the body.

Toned & Conditioned Body

Longer Leaner Muscles

Balances Strength & Flexibility

Lowered Stress Levels

Increased Bone Density

Promotes Proper Breathing

Improves Balance & Coordination

Flatter & Stronger Core

Enhanced Sport Performance

Relief From Back & Neck Pain

Greater Joint Mobility

Prevents Recurrence of Injuries

Enhanced Concentration

Improves Circulation

About Bodiboss Pilates

We are a STOTT PILATES® studio conveniently located in Carrara, Gold Coast. Our Pilates studio is fully equipped with five reformers, one Cadillac, two stability chairs, one ladder barrel, ballet barres and every other prop imaginable!

I am Bodiboss Pilates

I am Passionate about helping people achieve great results with an holistic approach to wellness and exercise. Over the last 12 years I have done extensive practice and research on the human body, how it functions and what it needs to function optimally.
Courtney Degnan

What Our Clients Are Saying

Jean Netlive

I have done Pilates with Courtney for four years and the help, guidance and advice she has given me has been fantastic. I suffered from a lightning strike and she has helped me strengthen my core and back to a point where I am able to walk almost unassisted and am progressing daily. Courtney has boundless energy, empathy and patience and I can highly recommend her and BodiBoss! Courtney is simply awesome!



Deborah Amsler

Coming to classes with Courtney are always a pleasure. During recovery from injury Courtney adjusts the exercises accordingly and really takes care to make sure movements are correct. Sessions are challenging and each class is different which keeps it super interesting.

If you’re looking for down to earth, incredibly experienced and genuine Pilates instructors, you’ll find them with BodiBoss. Thanks Courts!!

Deborah Amsler

Alison Aiken

I joined Pilates with Courtney in May this year and go 3x a week. I have found Courtney’s guidance and knowledge to be amazing. Her classes are always fun with lots of guidance to help my strengthening. Even with my osteoarthritis in my knee Courtney’s help and knowledge in strengthening my muscle tone has made my everyday pain more manageable.

Alison Aiken

Kitty Marfori

I love going to Courtney’s classes! Her classes are enjoyable & challenging & you always get a full body workout!
She guides you through the exercises, provides posture correction when necessary & personalize modifications based on your needs & abilities. She is so supportive, kind and motivating. I leave feeling sooo good about myself & energised!

Kitty Marfori

Types of Classes

Challenge your balance, strength and endurance as our instructors lead you through flowing, choreographed sequences that target your whole body, keeping your heart rate elevated and body burning calories.

We offer a wide range of Pilates classes suitable for all fitness levels.